Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five for Frunday..little late!

Ok, it has been a SUPER long time since my last post.  I have been so busy between going out of town, being sick, sub plans, watching the news like crazy.... the list goes on.  I'm going to catch up tonight so I can post new things this week!

1. I have never mentioned this on my blog, but  I actually have two jobs.  I am a teacher, obviously.  But I've also had another job for almost 7 years.  It started out as a summer job during college, but the money was so good, I couldn't give it up!  I drive the beverage cart at the TPC here in North Texas.  One of the perks about working there is I get to meet celebrities!!  There are several that I know because they come often, but others will just come play as they're traveling through.  Last weekend... one of my FAVORITES came out golfing.  Not only do I LOVE his music, but he always gives me backstage passes to his concerts and STAGE seats!  CLAY WALKER!!!  

Me and Clay! :)

2.  The next day (Sunday) I was working a tournament. As I was digging through my cart to get this guy a drink, I hear in a VERY DEEP country voice, "M'am can I have a Diet Coke?"  I look up and guess who it was... TOBY KEITH!!! Of course, I start FREAKING out!   I was like telling myself, "Ok Katie you got this, just start singing Red Solo Cup!" Then I decided I was going to tell him that I used to teach on the air force base next to the town he lives in.  Well, I came to the realization that... HE DOESN'T CARE!  How awkward would that have been if I'm like spilling the beans about my life and he just walks away in the middle of my rant! That probably would have happened. Thankfully, I just pretended to not know who he was! Just for the record, I KNEW WHO YOU WERE TOBY!!

3.  I wrote a couple weeks ago that I was going to Billy Currington and I promised to post a photo.  Although I didn't get a picture with him .. here is the one I do have!  It's fuzzy but he puts on a DANG good concert!! 

4.  I just got back from DISNEY WORLD!!!  We took my nephew on a surprise trip for his 4th birthday!  It was so much fun!  We met everyone from Captain America, to Pooh, to Patrick from Spongebob.  What a perfect birthday! 

5.  The Boston Masacre has weighed heavily on me this week, as I'm sure it did every other American.  All I can really say is that we need to pray for the families involved.  Not just the families of the victims, but anyone who was there.  That was a traumatizing experience..very sad.  

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  1. 1. Hi I'm a teacher blogger too! Found you on the linky. Love the background!
    2. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! You have made my day posting pictures of those country music artists. :)
    3. I would have totally spilled the beans to Toby!! So Cool!
    4. I was born in Fort Hood, Texas... so it's always nice to see people from my birth state.

    Miss Wilson