Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday

It is OFFICIALLY Summer Vacation!!!!!!  Now that deserves an "Amen" in itself!  

1. This is the moment I have been waiting for ALL YEAR!  My End of the Year gift to my kiddos... I created a DVD.  And yes, I used your typical song that everyone else probably used on theirs, "You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story.  But I don't care because it's such an awesome song!  The best slideshow to use for these is the scrapbook option that comes on Mac computers.  I love it because it shows several pictures at once, so I can put a TON of pictures in it, without it being too long.  My DVD was only 7 minutes, but every kid was in it at least 15 or so times, probably more than that!  I'm good about taking pictures all year long, so I got everything in there (first day, writers workshop, daily 5, book buddies, field trips, recess, pics with me, us working on projects, us being silly, etc...)  Here was my cover:

2. Here is the End of The Year gift I gave my team.  One of my teammates found this at The First Grade Parade so I decided to take it upon myself to try it out because I am a natural artist wish I were an artist!  (Don't tell my kids I'm not because I lie to them and tell them I's the only time it's ok to lie!)  It was very cheap!  The pots were $1.29 each and the paints were $0.69 each.  

3. My End of the Year Gift to my room mom was similar to the one I gave my team.  Kecia found Cara Carroll's pots, so we decided we would paint our Room Moms each a pot. Maria is extremely artistic, so she helped make she fancy designs around the letters. (After doing this I decided to make them each one, the ones I showed above.)  Here are a few of our pots.  

4. This little gem was found after my kiddos left school for the summer.. apparently a survery went around finding out which name they liked better, "Kaite" or "Svetina".  Notice the "ai" in my name... I like to think it's because she remembered that long can be spelled "ai".  I feel a little responsible! :)

5)This made me laugh....

  Happy Summer! :)