About me

Hi, friends!  Welcome to my teaching blog! My name is Katie and I teach 1st grade in Wylie, TX.    In an attempt to de-clutter my classroom, I made this blog to keep track of the things I do in class. I have one goal in mind: to make next year easier!! Thanks for stopping in!

My Cat Baby Kitty! (I promise he actually likes me.. I just like taking pictures where he looks mad!)

My Mom and Sister Amy!

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Person: Channing Tatum
Show: The Bachelor 
Fast Food: Taco Bueno
Author: Kevin Henkes
Food Group: Chocolate
Teaching Strategy: Daily 5
Store: Nordstrom
Thing to do at home: SLEEP!

I mean since we brought him up... here is a picture of my mom with Sean (the bachelor).  You can imagine how jealous of her I was when I received this picture message 
on my phone. (tear. . . .lip trembling. . . WAAAAA!!!!!!!)

For the record, he looks just as good in person as he does on t.v.  Of course, I asked her the obvious: Does he smell good and how rock hard was his shoulder exactly?  She just rolled her eyes and walked away from me... so if anyone finds out.. you can just message me! :)


  1. what a smart idea to keep track of teaching ideas & lessons! I have yet to have my own classroom, but I'll pass the idea along to my teaching friends.
    fun photo of your mom & Sean!
    and you have a very pretty blog design!